Email Client Configuration

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Encrypted Emails are not allowed. All email transport protocols are unencrypted. There are NO privacy!


This will help you configure your Email client to access your mailbox and send Email.


To get your email address, send an email to (or call by phone) and include your call sign.

After your call sign is provisioned we will contact you with the required password.

Configuration Steps

Always enter your call sign in lower case.
These configuration is based on this Client Node Configuration Any other client configuration and/or any firewall might compromise the functionality.

Device Configuration

Below are some configurations for devices we currently use.

Mozilla Thunderbird

   Accounts -> Set up an account: Email
   Your name: callsign
   Email address:
   Password: (enter password we provide)
   Select Manual config
                   Server hostname    Port SSL   Authentication            
   Incoming: IMAP  143  none  Encrypted password
   Outgoing: SMTP  587  none  Encrypted password
   Username: callsign
   Select Done
Thunderbird might warn you that this configuration will not use encryption.

I understand the risks: Checked

Select Done


   Send an Email to your self.
   Send an Email to an Email outside the domain.
   Ask for or send and email from outside domain to your mailbox.