XMPP Client Configuration

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Encrypted messages are not allowed. All transport protocols are unencrypted. There are NO privacy!


This will help you configure your XMPP client to login to the NM HamWAN XMPP server. This allows the client to send and receive IM and accessing Multi-User Conferences (Chat Rooms)

The XMPP server is part of your XMPP ID. For example, in the ID callsign@nmhamwan.net, nmhamwan.net would be the server to use.


To get your password you can send an email to netops@nmhamwan.net (or call by phone) and include your call sign.

After your call sign is provisioned we will contact you with the required password.

Alternatively if your host is on the AMPRnet, and your client allows creation on new accounts, you can add your account directly from the client.

Configuration Steps

Always enter your call sign in lower case.
These configuration is based on this Client Node Configuration Any other client configuration and/or any firewall might compromise the functionality.

Device Configuration

Below are some configurations for devices we currently use.


   Accounts -> Manage Accounts -> Add
   Protocol: XMPP
   Username: callsign
   Domain:   nmhamwan.net
   Password: (enter password we provide)
   Connection Security: Use encryption if available
   Connect port: 5222
   If you have an account skip next step.
   Create this new account on the server: Checked
   For more information on accessing Multi-User Conferences (Chat Rooms) and setting up Buddy List see Pidgin XMPP Help  [1]


  Send an IM to netops